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I have vacancies for staff who would like to work at either Birmingham, Manchester or Lancaster. Please send me your CV by email to   

It is important that you have at least some basic knowledge in health and beauty and are ideally trained in Thai massage.

I currently have a number of other vacancies for people who would like to operate in the field of massage.

I am looking for someone who would like to practice therapeutic massage only and not offering sexual services.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career in beauty therapy please email me a copy of your CV on and I will be pleased to look at it.

I especially would like someone to fill a vacancy to practice Thai massage in Lancaster and also a second vacancy for someone to practice Thai massage in Manchester.

It is not vital for you to have passed qualifications in massage although it would help if you have the basic knowledge. I will be pleased to teach you how to carry out the massages.

I have opened a salon in Manchester and would be interested to hear from people who can offer a therapeutic massage service in Manchester. The vacancy in Manchester may actually turn out to be 2 vacancies depending upon how busy we get.

I also have a vacancy for someone who is good at sales. This vacancy involves handing out leaflets in Birmingham, Manchester or Lancaster promoting our business. You will be paid £5 for every customer you obtain for the salon.

The leaflets will have your initials on and so we will know if the customer has been generated by your leaflet.

Please contact me if you would like to apply for this position.