Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
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1. I would be grateful if you could kindly pay me for the fee which we agree in advance prior to the massage. I am a little embarassed about money and I find it is easier for both of us if the payment is made in advance. This way there can be no misunderstanding over the amount.

2. Occasionally I am able to see customers at short notice however it is much better for me if you could please book in advance. A brief telephone call to let me know when is best for you would be ideal.

3. I normally work from 8am to 9pm. Please do not expect me to carry out any bookings outside these times.

4. I carry out the massage from my premises but if I feel safe enough, I am prepared to travel to you. When ever I do this I charge for my travelling time from Kendal plus the cost of the travel. It therefore works out cheaper for you if you visit me. If I am to travel to you I need details of your address, phone number and your full name. All this information is held by my friend. I will then telephone my friend after I arrive at your premises to confirm that I have arrived safely. I am sure that you appreciate my reasons for doing this although I realise that it is highly unlikely that there will be any problem.

5. If you book an appointment and subsequently find out that you can not make the appointment please advise me at least 2 hours in advance. I do charge the full fee if the booking is cancelled and I am not informed within 2 hours of the appointment.

6. I would like to keep in touch with my customers and hope to send you an occasional text reminding you that I am still here and would look forward to seeing you again.

7. If you enjoy your massage please tell your friends to contact me. I have only just set my business up and would appreciate your recommendations. I also offer various financial rewards and discounts off future massages for recommendations. I will be pleased to talk to you about the various discounts which I offer for recommendations when we meet.

8. If you are able to recommend me to people at your place of work that would be fantastic!! This way I would be able to massage several people one after the other. They could stay in a chair and I would just move from one to the other. If you managed to arrange for me to massage people at your place of work I would be extremely grateful and would make sure you received a free massage.

9. If you like the massage which I provide for you any tips which you give me are at your total discretion. You are under no obligation whatsoever to give me a tip.

10. Don''t forget I am an excellent Thai Cook and for a change to my routine, I love cooking at dinner parties. Why not let me cook for you and your friends and then as you relax after the meal let me massage you and your friends. They can keep their clothes on if they wish. 

11. On Wednesdays I often visit Manchester and occasionally stay there overnight. If you would like a massage in the centre of Manchester I will normally be able to accommodate you. The best times on a Wednesday would be after 11am or early on Thursday morning.